France Quirion

The Daily Linen, it is France the photographer who at the end of her 50s wished to make a dream come true to create her own fashion and decoration collection. For her who is a lover of linen and authentic beauty, this fibre established itself as the only choice. The artist is also convinced that linen products on The Daily Linen are part of the current movement which invites the consumers to become more responsible by buying things made to last. France signs all the photographs of her collection and bathes her compositions in a romantic and floral atmosphere. That same Victoria’s magazine that has permeated her life as a young adult. Finally, The Daily Linen is the meeting of all the arts of her life.

Réjeanne Gagnon Roy

The Daily Linen, it is also Réjeanne the artist, the craftswoman and the seamtress who has always had a natural attraction for fashion and clothing design. She has developed her natural talents and abilities, among others in these areas, always aiming for excellence. So she designed the aprons and pinafore dresses offered on The Daily Linen. For this, she was inspired by the models for which the two accomplices had a crush. Réjeanne also knows when not to save on the yardage so as not to sacrifice the details that reflects the true beauty of ladie’s handicrafts. Otherwise, she values every inch of fabric, with a well-established reflex to lose nothing. Of course, the designer is also a lover of linen.