Aprons and pinafore dresses

Trendy and timeless collections

The aprons and pinafore dresses at The Daily Linen are both timeless and trendy, in a retro or contemporary style. Our garments made of pure linen have that natural crumpled beauty that lovers of this material appreciate unconditionally. They are made by taking the time, without ever cheating on quality. The seams are carefully hemmed and the hems are wide. These details that are not seen at the first glance are the reflection of a work whose beauty is authentic.

The aprons and pinafore dresses are available in various natural colours, always made of pure linen. Some of them are offered with hand printed patterns in Indian ink, making them unique.

General information

The measurements of the aprons and apron dresses you will receive may vary by a few millimetres from those indicated in their respective product sheets. Aprons and aprons are not perfectly fitted garments. They have a certain breadth that ensures the ease we need to accomplish our daily tasks or is the mark of casual style.

Hand stamped patterns can be applied if the colour is in light to medium tones. Dark tones are not suitable for this technique. The patterns are stamped with India ink, but will fade gently with washing to give that pre-worn effect that we love.

Each of our designs is available in a pre-determined size to fit a range of sizes that may be a little less conservative than shown here. To ensure your satisfaction, please check the measurements of each model and see if they match your size or preference. Custom-made garments cannot be returned.

The linen we use has been machine washed and tumble dried before being made, ensuring that our products will not shrink. They can be machine washed and tumble dried again. Of course, they can be hung on the clothesline, that’s where they find their soul of yesteryear!

If you would like to purchase a particular style and it is not available in your size, please contact us to see if we can accommodate your request.


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Showing all 6 results