Table linen

Linen of genuine beauty
Here at The Daily Linen, we are fans of pure linen table linens. For us, they
represent authentic beauty, both modest and noble. It is the stylish touch that adds romance to the everyday and
reveals the good taste of the people who live there.

The table linens from The Daily Linen Collection are made with particular attention to detail. The fabric is carefully
cut so that it does not go awry. The seams are well done and the corners are folded at 45 degrees. For tablecloths, the borders are wide, as we like them.

All items in this collection have been machine washed and tumble dried before making those, ensuring easy
of care without the initial shrinkage of linen during the first wash.

Please, feel free to send us a customization request if you cannot find the dimensions you need.

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Showing all 9 results